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A Little Hello From Heaven By Our Dog Pedro

Hello There, VivBounty to bring you the sweetest nudge from heaven by our precious dog, Pedro. Pedro was our constant companion for 7 years beginning when he was only a 5-month-old puppy. I found this timely last video ever taken of him just this past week, exactly 8 months after we had to let him go suddenly to end his suffering.

You can read some more of Pedro’s stories on my pet blog here

Our Pedro was truly my hubby, Brian’s best friend and my baby. This wonderful furry child brought us more joy than we could have ever imagined when we adopted him from a shelter in Spain. Like people, animals come to us for a season and a reason and when they have blessed us so beautifully with their unconditional love, they return to heaven from whence they came.

Our dogs, cats and all pets are energy sponges. They absorb our energy and transmute it then return it to us as the healing balm that they have made from it in the form of pure love. Pedro was the best such spiritual gift to us.

He travelled from hotel to hotel, charming everyone along the way. Here is the story of our drive through Europe in a classic BMW,  then got us through the stress of being in transit for 14 weeks in the UK and made the epic 17-hour journey through airport terminals and a flight over the pond without a hitch. So happy to see us, he came bounding out of the crate for his urgent potty right outside the cargo terminal in Halifax. Drinking a nice bowl of water, and eating his dinner immediately after checking in to the hotel, he slept like a baby and never skipped a beat in his routine. He stayed with us in a motel for 5 weeks while we house hunted, moved into his forever home and even came with us to Saint John when his daddy had to have an angio-gram, staying in the hotel quietly between walks, hospital visits and kept us sane and calm through it all.

We now have a new rescue, Leihla the ex-racer greyhound who has been ours for 8 months. This is the 8th month of the year. We lost Pedro 8 months after we lost our precious niece, Nixie to whose funeral he travelled with us. See the story here. She was born in August as was our Granny, and Nixie’s godfather, our Uncle Louis. My dad was born on the 8th day of May and as I am a firm believer in Einstein’s saying, “Coincidence, is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous“, I took the synergy of these people, dates and facts around the number 8 to mean my ever loving tribe in heaven are gathering to say “hello” to me and they picked Pedro as the messenger.

In case we needed confirmation of the unity of Pedro and Nixie in heaven, soon after we took over Leihla’s care in January, my sister who is Nixie’s mother, relayed this dream to me. She telephoned me one morning and said “So Nixie came to me in this dream last night. She had a huge smile on her face, carrying a bouquet of flowers in one hand. She said ‘I picked these for you Mummy from my garden’, and as I looked down she had a leash in the other hand with Pedro attached to it. They were just out for a walk and stopped by to tell me that they love me.”

For me this was Pedro’s consent to freely love Leihla with the feeling that he did send her to us to keep his daddy exercising and Nixie’s confirmation that on that sad day when we had to end his suffering, his daddy’s words through teary eyes, “You go be with Nixie now” were indeed heard and she met him at the rainbow bridge.

Everything begins in the energy, the stuff that creates worlds and then returns there, including ourselves. We are Infinite Spiritual Beings having a temporary human experience and not the other way around.

My loved ones in heaven with our dog, Pedro. Petblog:

My ever loving tribe in heaven who sent Pedro to say “hello”. We miss you all more than words can say!

Until next time, hug the physical people and pets you love now. They will always be with you in some form but the hugs must happen now.



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