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Gratitude Brings More Blessings

Hello There, VivBounty here to share with you the way to gratitude which is the fastest way to more blessings.

Sharing tips for you from Reiki Master, Judith Conroy, Reiki Master who makes the world better for so many people. I hope to one day have as many “Likes” for my Facebook page as Judith does for Chikara Reiki Do. Grab a gratitude journal and begin today with the following tips and reflections:

Gratitude comes easily to me. I am thankful for so many things. My life overflows with abundance. I see it every time I turn around. In my family, career, and social lives, I am richly blessed. For all these things and more, gratitude comes easily to me.

My career is on the right path for me, and I am thankful for it. Whether this path is the same as the job through which I make my living, or is another one entirely, I feel blessed to have a calling in life. Gratitude is my natural response to this.

The gifts I have to share with the world are valuable and valued, and I am thankful for them. Some are innate. Others, I develop. All of them are worth having, and I count myself lucky to have them all.

If I ever notice myself feeling a lack of gratitude, I take a few deep breaths and look around me. What do I see that is good? Small things remind me to be grateful, from my partner’s hand on my shoulder to a day with perfect weather. I would not want to miss any of them!

Of course, I desire things. This is natural for humans. However, I know that these desires are just that: wants, rather than anything that indicates lack in my life. All of my needs are met, and many of my desires.

New wants just give me opportunities to remember how much I already have! Today, I am thankful for all parts of my life. From the gifts I receive to those I have to give, every aspect of my world brings me joy. Each day, I cultivate gratitude for my many blessings.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Which parts of my life am I most thankful

2. Which parts could I stand to appreciate

3. How do I benefit from cultivating

I have practiced many of the tips, Judith offers above, meditating on the affirmations and keeping a gratitude journal and I can tell you from personal experience that gratitude heals, gratitude changes things from the inside out and gratitude is the fastest way to miracles.

Until Next Time

Bountiful and Joyful blessings to you,


a.k.a. Reiki By Vivienne

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