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How Horses Help an Army Veteran Heal from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Hello there, VivBounty here to share my Sunday musings with you. I love the idea of this powerful therapy and the blessing of giving back to our troops in some small way for their immense sacrifice on our behalf.

Watching Super Soul Sunday, I was looking for a Soul Pancake, moment when I came across this excerpt from another episode. In honour of my horse loving friends, Linda, Jill and Joanne, whose horses are very much a part of their spirituality, I post this little video with credit to Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and the team who brought us Brian Mancini’s story. Thank you Brian for your service to freedom and thank you OWN TV.

How Horses Help an Army Veteran Heal from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Brian Mancini is an Army veteran who battles post-traumatic stress disorder after having served in Baghdad. To help with his emotional recovery, he’s turned to equine therapy—a practice that uses specially trained horses to help improve a person’s physical and emotional states. Watch what happens when Brian enters the ring with two horses.

Watch what happens when Brian gets on the horse for the first time.

Super Soul Sunday is such a wonderful way to begin the week. Thanks so much, Oprah and the team at OWN TV.

Until next time, I wish you all bountiful blessings,


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