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My Life Is Speaking to Me

Hello there, Vivienne here, wanting to share with you this beautiful painting by a dear friend of mine, in response to my prayer that God give me an unexpected sign.

On Sunday I received a totally unexpected phone call from this dear friend asking me to drop by because she would like me to pick something up.

Upon arriving at her home, she began to speak with tears in her eyes about how much she misses our heart to heart connection lately.

She went on to say that my words and our chats had gotten her through some tough times in the past. She had been inspired by my spirituality and my faith and how I had spoken about God.

The amazing thing about this seeming coincidence, is that in my morning & evening meditation guided by Joe Dispenza, where my focus is shifting to, in Joe’s words, “Living my life defined as a vision of the future instead of the memories of the past”.

My friend was holding something behind her back while she spoke. Eventually she pulled out this gorgeous painting, which I thought she bought for me.

Meditation Room Painting, by Sue for ReikiByVivienne, Living Life With Best Intention

My friend then went on to tell me the story of the painting. She explained that she was online looking for something to paint when this one popped up on the side bar and that, in her words, “It was like the good Lord said to me, you should paint this for your friend, for all the times she has inspired you and lifted you up”. So she painted this for me to let me know that she loves me and never wants me to feel alone. We cried, we hugged and we told each other that we love each other. She said that her inspiration told her to paint this for my meditation room.

Like most women, I wear many hats. I AM a Reiki Master. I am also an Internet Marketer, with the dharma of inspiring others to be all that they can be. So in my meditation, I was guided to ask God for a sign, one that would come unexpectedly, one that I would know came from Him that would inspire me to do that which I did to inspire me to do it again and again.

This I know for sure. The timing and apparition of this gift are my confirmation that I am exactly where I am supposed to be at exactly the right time. My life is always speaking to me and yours is too. For this woman who has been through so much in her own life to express to me that my presence in it and something I said made her journey better, was such a huge, confirming, surprising sign on my divine path, that I absolutely know it is the answer to a prayer. When I sent a photo of the picture to my family, my sister said it is beautiful, as did my mother, who also said, “She’s guiding you”.

Until next time, pay attention to the signs that your life is speaking to you. It is important that when you ask for something in meditation, prayer or thought, that you listen and watch for the answer.




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