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My Reiki Journey

My Reiki Level 1 classmates 1997

Hello there, VivBounty here to give you a little background on my reiki journey. There are many reasons we as energy beings are lead to learn how to use the wonderful universal life force healing system that is reiki. It all began in February 1997 when I was attuned as a Level 1 Reiki practitioner in Pittsburgh, PA. Coming out of a dysfunctional relationship, of course, in my wisdom which was limited, at best, thought I could actually fix another person with this great new energy healing technique I was about to learn. Well the Reiki Master informed us in the first 5 minutes of the class that we cannot fix anyone else. Reiki is drawn, not sent and the recipient’s own spiritual journey would determine the healing or changes that he or she would then experience as a result of a treatment. So I got qualified and set about laying my hands to see just what this Reiki healing energy does.

Reiki Certificates

Over the next 15 years I have done treatments on family and friends in North America
and the UK. Following that, I embarked on a shared practice with my friend Suzzanne, Esthetician, Beauty Expert and Masseuse extraordinaire  in Spain for 4 years. Eventually qualifying  as a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master.

Doing Reiki at the PEDVAC Spa

Moving back to Canada was inevitable to be near my family. So we chose a small village where folks are like, as my husband puts it, “England was 40 or 50 years ago”. I now serve on the board of our village social services agency, PEDVAC, whose Web site, I created as part of my service. We have an annual spa fundraiser which I participated in for the first time last year giving mini Reiki treatments. Read all about it here:

Reiki Consultation Area

The next natural step was to set up my own permanent treatment sanctuary, simply called Reiki by Vivienne. My clients hear about me by word-of-mouth and advertising in the local area. We are enjoying a mutual exchange of healing and uplifting energy which is exactly as my divine plan decreed.

As a side note, there is such a thing as a healing crisis when a person received a Reiki treatment which is rare but a good thing. Much like when you are affirming and growing spiritually, the particular situation which you are trying to change becomes slightly worse, temporarily. For example, you may be saying mantras daily trying to bring prosperity in your life, and your wallet gets stolen. This is a good sign. It means the energy is shifting, your mantras or affirmations are having an effect on your environment. It is a sign to keep meditating on what you want. The tide will turn and if you don’t give up you will eventually manifest just what you give your attention to.

The Reiki Treatment Table

Just as in Reiki when a person experiences a healing crisis, it is good for the practitioner, in this case, me, to meet with the client again and address the areas which seem to be worsening and do another whole body Reiki treatment or maybe just concentrate on the affected region. As the energy is drawn the client becomes aware either in their subconscious or as they speak of their concerns, where exactly their energy blocks are coming from and the negative is released making space for the positive healing and transformation of the condition.

I have only had 2 clients in 15 years who have had a healing crisis after a full body Reiki

Angels Watch Over The Reiki room

treatment, as far as I know and both were feeling much better than before they had their first ever session with me. These two clients were confirmation for me that the Reiki healing energy is indeed universal, is drawn not sent and will bring up and out the conditions which have manifested in a physical body as a result of the energy blocks the person had. The Reiki unblocks or balances the chakras (Sanskrit word for spiritual centres defined by Wikipedia here) as and the ensuing dispensation of the energy out of the body brings about this temporary increase in the ill feeling which is speeding up the illness through its course and eventually to leave the physical body.

I look forward to inspiring you with more adventures and insights with you as I continue along the journey which is living life from my best and purest intention.

It all starts in the energy from which worlds are created.

Inspiring you to manifest your bounty,