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10 Personal Prayers That Will Get You Through Anything

Regardless of what happens, it is meant to be

Hello There, VivBounty here to share with you my belief that regardless of what happens, it is meant to be.

Although I have quite a bit of control over my life, I realize that sometimes things just happen. Unexpected things pop up in a day. Unwanted events occur without warning.

I truly believe that all of these occurrences, positive and otherwise, are meant to be.

In challenging times, I remind myself that I still have quite a bit of say in what takes place in my life. I charge forward and do what I can to overcome the challenge and continue to create the life of my dreams.

I try to look at unexpected events as adventures.

I learn something new and change my way of thinking when something unplanned takes place. At those times, I comfort myself with thoughts about how the situation is as it should be.

Today, I intend to renew my efforts to accept whatever happens. “If it happens, then it is meant to be” is my new mantra.

I can provide the reassurance I need to accept the curve balls life throws me. I tell myself that I am okay with fate.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I believe in fate? Why or why not?

2. Have I depended on fate too much or do I step up to take power over my own life in whatever ways I can?

3. When it is necessary, can I tell myself that something was meant to be and then move on in my life?

Until next time, believe in your divine plan. Know that you are always guided to the fulfillment of your soul’s journey

Prosperous Blessings,


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I take the blessing from every lesson

Hello There, VivBounty here to share my reflection on how I take the blessing from every lesson.

Things happen in life that I am unable to control or change, and I accept that. However, even if I am incapable of influencing a situation, I can still learn from it. I make it a point to receive the blessing from every lesson, even if it is an unfavorable one.

Regardless of the situations which confront me, I know that I am blessed. I often receive second chances in life, and I view them as opportunities to make right whatever went wrong.

What I learn the first time around helps me negotiate similar situations in the future with more positive results.

When things happen that make me realize how untrustworthy some people are, I learn important lessons about assessing character. In those cases, I am blessed with the spirit of discernment so I am protected from bad intentions later down the road. The blessings from my lessons enable me to help others.

When I come out of a scary experience unscathed, I know I have survived a potential tragedy and feel fortunate to be able to talk about it. I embrace the blessing of testimony so I can help others make it through similar situations.

Today, I am committed to discovering the blessing from every occurrence. I also appreciate that every experience brings with it a chance to use the blessing to impact the lives of others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I publicly speak about the blessings of my lessons so others can do the same?

2. Do I find it hard sometimes to accept the outcome of a situation?

3. How can I remind myself to seek the blessing in every experience?


Until next time, strive to experience the lesson in every thing in life and in  every lesson there is a blessing.

Prosperous Blessings,


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Good things happen to me every day

Hello There, VivBounty here to share with you how reflecting on the thought, “Good things happen to me every day” will change your vibration and thus attract good things to you.

There are many reasons I am happy to be alive. Each day provides a wondrous experience. When I keep my eyes and ears open, I am privy to the positive things that occur around me.

I remain open to the good that life holds for me. Although it would be easy to take many of these things for granted, I stay ready to notice them from moment to moment.

I enjoy my interactions with others. My partner calms and comforts me. Co-workers offer me their guidance. A neighbor helps me start my car, offers me a ride to work when I need it, and brings down a sumptuous meal when I am under the weather.

Even the weather blesses me. The sun warms me. A cool breeze blows. Rain falls. Snow drifts into beautiful panoramas. To me, it is all a wonderful production of nature, performed in my honor.

VivBounty office view panoramas made by snow drifts

The beautiful panoramas made by the snow drifts outside my office window after the last snow storm

When a situation irritates me, I look for a positive benefit. Perhaps the only good thing I can find is a lesson learned, but that lesson can help make my life better.

When a situation irritates me, I look for a positive benefit. Perhaps the only good thing I can find is a lesson learned, but that lesson can help make my life better.

I see the good in each day.

Today, I find something positive in each moment and every experience. I strive to notice and appreciate the goodness that comes my way every day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I notice the good things that occur every day?

2. Can I find something good even in situations that may be unpleasant at the time?

3. How can I open my eyes and soul to all of the good things that take place daily?

Until next time, change your thoughts, change your vibration, you’ll attract the good you are focusing on.

Prosperous Blessings,


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7 SIMPLE WAYS to Change the World

Hello There, VivBounty here to share with you 7 simple ways
to change the world.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in
the world.” The wonderful thing about doing this is that
you can set off chain after chain of positive events. Some
call it the Butterfly Effect. One small thing you do can
have repercussions all around the world.

Whatever positive actions you want to see more of, take
responsibility to produce it yourself. When you show the
world your willingness to be positive, others follow your
lead, and before you know it, you’re changing the world one
action at a time. There’s no better way to effect positive
changes in the world. If you’re stumped about what you can
do to make the world a better place, try these ideas:

1. Listen to what others say, without interrupting. It
sounds simple, yet you find yourself wanting to cut others
off in conversation or rush them to finish speaking. Truly
listening and then responding to what they say makes them
feel valued – like they matter – and that’s one positive
change you just produced. In being around you, they learn
to do the same and spread the concept to others, who then
repeat the process.

2. Give away some things. You probably have items in good
condition that you don’t use anymore. Pack a box full of
things you no longer use and take them to a local charity.
Someone will benefit from your items and you’ll both feel
good about your action.

3. Do something to help others.Research charities you’re
interested in and then offer to help. You could call the
local social service agencies and offer your services for
free. Maybe you’re an accountant and could do their
accounting at no cost. If you’re a maintenance worker,
offer your “fix-it” services to charities’ offices. You
could knit or crochet blankets, baby hats, and shawls for
local hospitals, hospices, or nursing homes.

4. Organize a volunteer effort to assist a group of
individuals. For example, collect boxed foods and blankets
and ship them to US military bases all over the world.
Another example is to raise money for construction
materials to send to Haiti to build new homes and schools
for communities hampered by storms. If you’re aware of the
needs of a certain group, start your own local efforts to

5. Deposit change in vending machines and walk away. A
simple and fun way to “pay it forward” is to put enough
change in a vending machine so the next person that walks
up can receive a drink or snack for free.


6. Adopt a family. During the holidays, you won’t need a
lot of money to share the holiday spirit with others.
Through local churches or social service agencies, you can
“adopt” a local family. The church or organization provides
you with the first names of a nuclear family’s members,
their genders, and ages so you can purchase 1-2 gifts for
each of them. Sometimes, the list you’re given provides you
with clothing sizes and gift ideas for each family member.
After shopping, place the tagged gifts in a big box and
drop them off to the organization sponsoring the
Adopt-a-Family event. You can bring joy and 2 happiness to
an anonymous family at holiday time. You don’t have to wait
for the holidays to help out a family. Missions all over
the world help support families that need food, clothing,
and school supplies. Your neighborhood churches can put you
in touch with someone in need.

7. Pay for a family’s dinner when you’re dining out. You
have a golden opportunity to change the world by
anonymously paying for a family’s meal. If you like, have
the server give them a note onto which you scribbled, “Pass
it on.” You can effect more positive change in the world
around you than you realize. Strive to do helpful, giving,
and caring actions for others. Demonstrating kindness is
truly contagious. Live a passionate life by changing the
world one action at a time.

Until next time, practice random acts of kindness, you’ll
be surprised to see that you are the one benefiting in the
long run.

Prosperous Blessings,


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