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Your Life Is Speaking To You

Hello There, VivBounty here to add some long overdue content to this spiritual blog. Your life is speaking to you if you’ll just pay attention.

There is an upsurgence of young people on the forefront of spirituality at the moment. Maybe there always was, but they were not given reverence in history because of their youth or maybe now with global media being what it is, we are exposed to and can be enlightened by a myriad of mystics to choose from instantaneously. I choose a channels to receive my inspiration carefully and trust my divine guidance to draw my Good and draw my Bliss.

Watching Super Soul Sunday on OWN TV some months ago I was delighted by these three amazing friends and enlightened souls; Marie Forleo, Gabrielle Fernstein and Mastin Kipp. Oprah called them the “New Generation of Spiritual Thinkers”, and that they certainly are.  As it has been some time since I took these notes watching the show, please forgive the sporadic nature of the quotes I share with you here.

These three lovely beings shared their thoughts and their take on making the world a better place by being all that you are and being the best you that you can be. Each shared a tip at the end of the show on where to begin that journey from right where you are right now. Please check out their Web sites linked under their names above.

  • Tip #1 Start a gratitude journal. Studies show that after just 3 weeks family and friends find you more loving and friendly, the second you are willing to see things differently, your world changes and you draw more of what you are grateful for.
  • Tip #2 Pay attention to the inklings, signs and unseemly coincidences. These are all assignments. Show up for the assignments. Don’t pretend the book didn’t fall off the shelf.
  • Tip #3 Follow your bliss. Start with gratitude. To find your passion, bring passion to everything that you do.
  • This last quote I actually remember is from Mastin Kipp; “We are compensated financially to the degree that we bring value to the world.”

At the I CAN DO IT, Toronto conference Louise Hay explained just how the above manifested in her life. Amazingly this lady in her 80’s started Hay House Publishing when she was 60 years old! When Cheryl Richardson shared that information to illustrate the subject of their book, You Can Create An Exceptional Life, Louise Hay said she simply answered the phone and opened the mail everyday. She was asked to open a space back in the 80’s to work with AIDS victims and The Hay Ride was born. As in tip #2 above, she showed up for the assignment. She said, “We didn’t know much about the disease. I didn’t know what I was doing but much healing happened there. Too many young people died but families came together and conversations started between parents and children who were estranged by this disease and by sexuality and the confusion of blame due to misunderstanding of the origins of the disease”. She went on to say that from time to time she still sees young people who survived the disease, doing well now, calling out to her, “Remember Hay Ride?”. Cheryl Richardson was an aide who was assigned to pick Louise Hay up at the airport 20 years ago for a conference such as the I CAN DO IT one and could not have imagined that she would now, 2 decades later,  be on the stage with this amazing spirit promoting a book they have written together.

In my own experience, I have learned that there really is a silver lining to every cloud. A tragedy may open a portal which takes your life in a direction which you would have otherwise not followed putting you exactly where you are meant to be at that precise moment for a blessing. I believe the saying “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”. As in tip #2, I had a book fall off a shelf on my toe 20 years ago which set me on a path that eventually lead to me becoming a Reiki Master. The assignments came at the most quirky times, my messengers along the path were the most unlikely, nothing seemed as I would have designed it nor any of the signposts as I would have imagined them, but here I am living life on my own terms, with bountiful blessings, helping people to heal their lives.

Until next time, follow your bliss, trust your instincts and keep your intentions honourable. There is no wrong turn, and you will always end up exactly where you are supposed to be.


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